Boardgames and Business Simulations offer an intense training on changing behaviour in a reality-like learning-environment. They allow to discover and experience the different viewpoints and needs that each participant brings to the table. In doing so, communication, understanding and team-spirit will be sharpened.

Since more than 15 years, SchirrmacherGroup has developed boardgame based simulations with a focus on enabling behavioural change. These simulations convey, in an easy to understand way, the complex structures and dependencies of enterprise processes, while touching on numerous different situations that bear conflict potential.

Participants playfully learn to deal with challenges. Because of the positive reinforcement the participants experience throughout the game, they are eager to immediately transfer the learnings into the workplace, turning the investment in training into a direct benefit to the business.

Experienced professionals have the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilties during role-plays and will benefit tremendously from the immediate feedback they will get. New or about-to-be leaders are guided towards new conflict areas and playfully learn to deal with challenges like scarce resources, increased absenteeism or heated situations between coworkers.

Step by step participants improve their leadership capabilities and grow into the leader they want to be, up to the point where they – sovereignly – take on complex and difficult assignments.

Next to the “Leadership” simulation, a serious of other very successful simulations help numerous companies in achieving their goals: Project Management, Change Management, Team Optimization and others.