Does this sound familiar?

  • Team members aren´t fully commited and the willingness to go the extra mile is low
  • Communication is increasingly tension-loaded and takes too much time
  • Responsibility is being passed on and important issues aren´t being dealt with
  • Absense-times are cumulating and people are deciding to leave
  • Goals & objectives don´t seem to be achievable with the given team
  • Decisions are being delayed or not reached at all

If you are in a similiar Situation and want to do something about it, then use the possibilities of coaching. I can coach and teach you to be more motivated, more resourceful and more determined, so that you will GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT.


Coaching starts with creating self-awareness and reflection. The better we understand ourselves, the easier we will be able to identify “room for improvement” and deal with it. The more we appreciate ourselves, the better we can work out strategies for progress, such as:

  • Get to know yourself better, your preferences, your motivation, your meta-programs and strategies
  • Communicate effectively, so that your objectives are being met
  • Manage your physical fitness as well as your emotional energy level
  • Eliminate hindering beliefs and develop positive thinking patterns
  • Stay in control during any stressfull situation


Behavioural Preferences & Motivation

For many of us it has become very difficult to achieve balance: emotionally, physically, mentally, in business or in personal relationships. Stress, bad communication, uncontrolled behavior, lack of concentration, health problems or even burnout are amoung the prices people pay for not having managed that balance. Despite the clear signals of dysfunction, many of us appear to be "on top", yet subconsciously there is a growing awareness that something is wrong, accompanied by a great deal of uncomfort and unease.

The help that seems to be available appears to be endless, but is all to often overwhelming and confusing. The better we understand ourselves, the easier we will be able to identify “room for improvement” and deal with it. The more we appreciate ourselves, the clearer any progress will become.

I can assist in establishing personal profiles based on state-of-start psychometric evaluations, allowing to tap into our personality, behaviours, motivations, value systems or believe systems. These profiles give clues as to what personal development you might want to consider, but also, as to what strength you might want to develop, what personality traits are your greatest assets and what kind of thinking is most helpful to you.

Effective Communication

Effective Communication is about keeping a balance between you and whom you are communicating to. With the right skills you will be able to express yourself more effectively, avoid misunderstanding, eliminate tension and create an environment that cherishes respect, trust and meaningful relationships.

My coaching on communication effectiveness draws from concepts like NLP, GFK (Gewaltfreie Kommunikation) and several other contemporary models. I also use questionaires to determine communication types and temperaments. Together we will practice communication using role plays, video taping, presentations and non-verbal communication.

Physical & Emotional Energy

Physical Energy is largely the result of fitness and good nutrition. While fitness is a matter of excercise, getting enough good nutrition is not so easy anymore. We live in a world where nutritional suplements are widely available. Many people emphasize the need for good nutrition and explain why it is necessary, but all too often people still fall short in actually finding good nutrition. We also use technical devices to analyze our personal constitution, including measures relating to bloodsugar, heart function, level of vitamins in your body and many more, but still the numbers of people with stress, burnout and depression are on the rise. Just knowing about something and having reliable statistics about it, doesn´t eliminate the need for actuall doing something about it. What is urgently needed is actionable nutrition plans as well as feasibel fitness programs.

Emotional Energy is about our emotional states that are largely based on feelings, which are produced by our limbic system combined with the reasoning of our neo-cortex. Emotional energy can be controlled. Creating an understanding about how emotions get created, how they develop and how we can control the emotional energy levels is the focus of our work.

When it comes to improving physical and emotional energy, there is no alternative to a good personal fitness coach. As your coach, we will work out a detailed plan for you and follow up frequently. We will measure progress and correct any path that shows no results. We will meet in person to do checkups and even exercise together. We will practice controlling our minds and our emotions. We will set goals and make sure that we will achieve them. Finally, we will anchor any new and positive change in behaviour, so that your progress can continue in the future.

Mental Strength

Mental Strength is about our personality, values and beliefs. While our personality is mostly determined by our genes, it is our values and beliefs that can be changed just as they were created over the years. When we change our values and beliefs, we can change how we interact and become more succesful.We can change our values and belief-systems by controlling our thinking.

Our thoughts are the key to unlocking our mental power. What we think becomes our words and actions and behaviours. When we change our thinking, we can change who we become. By taking control over our thinking we can also become more aware of the values and belief-systems that guide our meta-programs and behavioural patterns. Once we understand what values are important to us and which belief-systems determine our behaviours, we can begin to enrich our map of the world as to foster the more advantageous behaviours and reduce the ones that limit our possibilities.

Reducing & Controlling Stress

Stress Management comprises the recognition of any stress symtoms (awareness), reacting to these symptoms (control) and developing behavioural resources to avoid (prevention) such symptoms in the first place.

Most stressful situations can be handled when we know the proper response and “stay cool”. The key is to reflect, stay calm and think about your next move. This is of course not as easy as it sounds. But then again, when you know how it´s done, it gives you anormous amount of control over your feelings and state.

I help you understand how stress works and how to condition yourself to avoid stress, analyze your stress levels and triggers, develop your individual stress coping mechanisms and teach you techniques to relax and take control again.


Executive Coaching

As an executive/leader you are dealing with decisions concerning your personal engagement as well as matters of the organization. Such situations don´t always offer the friendly environment of teams or close groups, due to the position you are in. Feedback, trust and loyalty can easily get in the way of conflicting objectives and different point of views.

This is where executive coaching can be of incredible help. A secure environment, a trustful communication, honest feedback and a loyal relationship can only be provided by someone who is not involved in the powerplay, bureaucracy and conflicts of the organization, but rather, who is free to talk and has only the objectives of the coachee at heart.


Get ready for Coaching

As consultant and coach, I appreciate flexibility in approaching a certain challenge. Options and flexibility give us the freedom to choose and free us from following a path we don´t necessarily prefer. Very often though, our way of thinking, our belief systems, our experiences and our learn patterns of behaviour get in the way of finding new options. This is when we need to step back and look at the bigger picture while developing new perspectives on things. As a coach, I assist people in doing exactly that.

Rather than just acting as "the expert", as your coach, I will offer to challenge the status quo, including questioning existing assumptions, beliefs and routines, I will lead you to develop new perspectives and teach you in practicing techniques that will allow you to control your thinking, become clearer about what is holding you back and guide you in achieving the results you want. A successful coaching will leave you with more energy, more options and with the tools to overcome new challenges when they arise.

As your coach, I will will lead you to better self-awareness, more perspectives and increased effectiveness in all areas, business or personal.